Chaya's Third Letter Home

Most honored and honorable Father,

I am is urgent need of your guidance. Perhaps by the time this letter reaches you, the guidance

may not be needed, but the swifter the foot, the faster comes aid.

I don't know if my latest letter, or word from the embassy at Otosan Uchi has reached you, but I

am traveling to Clear Water City in the caravan of Gosu, a ronin who seeks to join the Unicorn.

(Yes, father, he seems honorable.)

We were two days out of [INSERT VILLAGE NAME HERE], in the Shinomen Forest, when I
smelled something truly foul, like dead bodies. (A lot of them.) I investigated (taking others with me), and found a clearing filled with blood, and in the center, a pile of dead skins of horses and people. No bodies, no bones, just skins. I tried inflicting the Jade Strike upon the pile, to see if it was work of the Fallen One of the South, but the pile did not react. It may or may not be the work of the Fallen One’s minions, but I remember the stories you told of how the Bloodspeakers do not show Taint in the same fashion.

I performed the rites and rituals. [Cut: a long description of how the land was soothed] and as far as I know, the land and the souls are at rest and will not torment the land and the living. I then asked a water kami if it could say what had happened and where the killers had gone. What apparently involved knives. Where was a stream running through hills. And we are in hill country now. I promise to be on my guard.

But I am certainly no Witch-Hunter, and I have no idea who might have caused this. Have you heard of anything like this? Could you let one of your colleagues, perhaps Uncle Ichiru, know what has happened, and that it may be worthwhile to investigate the Shinomen Forest?

Thank you, father. Your words are guiding me through this time.

Your loving daughter,


Chaya's Third Letter Home

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