Chaya's Second Letter Home - Part II

Dear Chaim,

Look, this is just for you, so please don’t go and do anything stupid like showing it to Mumsy or your sensei, okay?

So your letter caught up with me here in Otosan Uchi, so I don’t know how out-of-date it is, or if everything is resolved to your satisfaction already, and this is just a waste of paper.

Well, writing to family is never a waste of paper, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, first thing. Mumsy does not hate you. You are still totally Mumsy’s favorite, and if I have to come up north and beat that into your head, I will. I mean, after all this is done, but whatever. Mumsy is jealous of Iuchi Hokatai. Yes, I said it, jealous. Yes, she knows that there was no way that she would be asked to be your sensei, but look. She’s a Horse Lord. You’re a Horse Lord. (Or you will be. I have perfect faith in your abilities, little bro.) I’m the Ishi, Autumn Leaves is clearly headed towards the storytellers, and Autumn Breeze is just as clearly going to be the most normal Iuchi shujenga that this family has ever produced. And Mumsy and Father may have a perfectly respectable marriage, and they may even like each other, but Father can barely ride, and can’t bond with anyone for dung. Mumsy just can’t talk about bonding with him, or with the rest of us. I mean, I kind of get it, but I really don’t. You’re the one she can really, you know, talk to.

But none of the living apprenticeships stay in the family. The Horse Lords modeled the apprenticeships after the Ishi-ken study. You know that, I know that, and Mumsy knows that. You were always going to get trained by someone else, and Mumsy is just getting angry at Hokatai-sensei the same way she’d get mad at whoever you were assigned to work with. So breathe, and tell Mumsy to breathe, and whenever you and Hokatai-sensei are in the area, stop by for a night and give her a hug. It’s not like you have to sleep in the house or anything like that. I don’t know, do they make you sleep outside all the time? Or in the stables?

Second thing. Yes, she’s pretty. Yes, she’s sweet. Yes, she’s nice, and demure, and all that. DON’T FUCKING SLEEP WITH HER. YOUR DICK? STICK IT IN YOUR HAND AND NOT IN HER! Seriously, why are you even thinking about this? You know that if you get her pregnant, you are stuck with her for the rest of your life? Do you really want to be the next Thrice-Damned Tomno? For Iuchi Tinni? Seriously? Look, once you’re done with your apprenticeship, the girls will be lining up to marry you, and won’t you feel stupid when you gave it all up for one fucking night? And don’t give me that crap that she’s so perfect and you’re soulmates. YOUR HORSE IS YOUR SOULMATE, THAT’S WHAT BEING A HORSE LORD MEANS!__ Don’t make me come up there, Chaim. The Void will totally beat you up. Or something like that.

Chill about Mom. Don’t sleep with anyone where they might get pregnant.

And hopefully this thing won’t take forever, and I’ll come up and we can go and hunt rabbits or something, and maybe talk. Okay?

I love you, little bro. You’re a pain, but never stop being you, you know? I’d miss you too much.

Within the bonds of sisterly affection,

Chaya's Second Letter Home - Part II

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