Chaya's Second Letter Home

Most Honorable Father, dearest Mumsy-kins, Chaim, and whoever else is at home,

Greeting from Otosan Uchi, for the last time this month! This is just a quick note to let you know that I have been hired on as a guard by a ronin by the name of Goso. But worry not! He has been employed by the Ide on this caravan route for a very long time, and is petitioning the Clan to be allowed to join. I shall be passing on a report of his conduct to his sponsor, though I am sure that the long history of good dealings that he has done for the Ide will have far more weight.

Anyway, we are heading for Clear Water Village, by a mostly land-locked route. We shall be heading through the Shinomen Forest, so I will see a little of Kuni lands along the way. Sending any mail for me directly to the Unicorn trading embassy in Clear Water Village seems like the best idea; I can’t guarantee when and where we will be stopping along the way.

I love you all. May all your endeavors be successful, and may you fill the shape the Void has made for you.


Iuchi Tzipora’s Response to Chaya’s Second Letter Home

Chaya's Second Letter Home

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