Chaya's Fourth Letter Home

Most honored and honorable Father, Most lovingest of Mumsies, and all the little two- and four-legged weathers running around,

Greetings from the lands of the Crab!

Yes, I have safely made it to the southern seas, and have found an inn with, well, not fantastic stables, but it could be worse. (So, so much worse. Really worse.) I’m working with the stablehands to make sure that Summer Storm and the others are being treated well. So if you want to send letters to me directly, you can send them care of the Inn of the Broken Wing.

As you can see by the existence of this letter, I am doing well. The journey wasn’t too fast, and no one seemed too put out by my meanderings. I have found some very interesting trees and some lovely rock formations. I even managed to find the most beautiful waterfall. It was only a few minutes ride from the path, but the trees were so thick that it was very hard to hear. The waterfall itself was small, a drop of no more than a few feet. But the pool beneath was clear and clean, and you could have seen all the way down into its rather deep depths if it hadn’t been for the waterfall’s constant motion. It was a perfect melding of Air, Earth, and Water. I could have meditated there for hours. Perhaps, if we are not pressed for time on the way back, I shall.

We are not within the city walls, which does my sanity well. Even though this is nowhere the size of Otosan Uchi, it is still a much bigger place than I like. And it is so very different than our own home! I understand now why the senseis put such faith into people, no matter that people are not eternal. I am trying to find things to love here, but it is so much harder to love things that are unfamiliar. Especially when (all due respect to Father’s family) there is less impetus to make things lovable.

Still, I can see much of Father’s hard and firm love here, so it may come more familiar and more lovable with time.

Please do write. I miss you all so very much. And my new friends are very nice, but they are new. And very — not Unicorn. I am being the outsider, the barbarian, the crazy shujenga, more and more to fulfill our duty to the Most Honorable lady, but it hurts to force myself into a semblance of an alien.

Oh, if a ronin (or perhaps soon a Unicorn) named Goso comes to your door, treat him well. He has been most honorable in his dealings with me.

I love you all, and will write again soon.

Much love,

Chaya's Fourth Letter Home

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