Chaya's Fifth Letter Home - Part II

[This letter consists of three pieces of paper, each one folded inside the other. The first, outermost paper is sealed in wax, with the Iuchi seal. When unsealed, it has this message, written in pencil:]

Honorable fellow members of Shinjo’s family,

I greet you with open hand and closed mouth.

I entreat you to send this letter as swiftly as you can to Iuchi Tzofiya-sensei, who has her school in the south of the Snake River valley.

Blessings of the Void go with you.

[The second page, also in pencil, has a long story-poem written on it. It is a lament around Shinjo’s sacrifice to preserve her family in the face of the Lying Darkness. This message has a wax seal on it, though it is Chaya’s family mon, The mon has the normal scroll-on-an-octagon picture, but instead of saying “Iuchi”, the symbol of the Void is in the center.]

[The third page is also sealed with the family mon, and also written in pencil, more lightly than the other two.]

Honored sensei,

I seek wisdom and permission.

I offered my hand to the Void, to guide me on my investigation. The Void took me to a house. I have since learned that this house is supposedly the center of operations for a shadowy figure who runs the black market economy of this city. And he is a figure who is much feared, and who is never seen, save by those who are never seen again.

I do not like this.

Then, I spoke to the water kami of a barrel of (very good) sake. The sake barrel had been part of a caravan raid, and I wished to see who had separated this barrel from its fellows, again, as part of my investigation.

The kami showed me faces of flesh, which then melted.

I do not like this.

Honored sensei, I fear that the enemy, which we know has wandered Rokugan before, wanders it again. But these are lands held by our brethren, not the desert wastes. If the Hostage-Taker’s reach is here, I will do what I may to seek it out. Do I have permission to seek to destroy it?

In this, as in all things, do I obey the dictates of the clan and the wisdom of my elders.

Your obedient student,
Iuchi Chaya

Chaya's Fifth Letter Home - Part II

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