Chaya's Fifth Letter Home

Dearest Mumsy-kins and all the little two- and four-legged weathers at home,

Greetings! As I write this, the night air has picked up enough that I can actually smell the salt in the air. It is a very strange, but still very glorious scent, and easily once of the nicest things about this city. Still, there are other, more city-like smells that come along with it, which are not nearly so nice, but I try to separate out the sea from the offal.

I have not really told you about the bay and the sea, have I? I expected it to be I a very big lake, but it is so much more than that.
[Thus follows multiple paragraphs describing the bay and the sea beyond in exhaustive, loving detail. Then, in far less rapturous tones, comes a few contrasting paragraphs about the city. The tone is still positive, but it’s clear that there is a lot being left out.]

Everything is going well for the moment. The investigations are proceeding, though perhaps slowly. Having never investigated anything before, I do not know how long this ought to last.

Your most recent letter came to me though the hands of the city’s Governor. She actually sounded annoyed that my letter reached me while her instructions from Otosan Uchi come so slowly. I swear to you, I did not say anything that perhaps if other couriers did not use ponies, their correspondence might be speedier. She did not look like she would appreciate it. She also became far more interested in the horrid ritual ground that I found. As well she ought to be. (But I did tell local Kuni as quickly as I could. And hopefully there will not be a second time, but if there is, I will make sure to make an immediate appointment with the local governor of any horrors I may encounter. (I have already written to Father up at school about it. I feel certain that I have thoroughly cleaned the site, but I still have no idea what might be capable of such an act.)

So while I may have discomfited the Honorable Governor, I do not think that she is angry at me. She also remembers Father fondly, so if you write to him, he may be interested to know that.

Autumn Wind, I am so happy to hear that you will be going to Shiro Iuchi! It is a honor to us all, but most importantly to you! I do hope you will like it. Imagine, you might be the first one of us to actually go to classes with other Iuchi!

Suzume-sama is at the door, so I will close this for now. If you write to Father, please let him know that I love him. And I love and miss you all as well.

With love,

Chaya's Fifth Letter Home

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