Iuchi Tzipora's Response to Chaya's Second Letter Home


Hired by a ronin? Your father and I are … concerned about this. It reeks of commerce. Travelling with a caravan is one thing. Helping to defend it is fine, but accepting payment is worrying. I am glad that the ronin appears to be a good Unicorn servant.

By the time you receive this, you will already have arrived, so there is no point in worrying about it now.

Your father has many stories about the Shinomen. Legends, mostly. You know how the Kuni love their legends. They’re like Cranes or Scorpions worrying over a bit of gossip. But sometimes they do find good tidbits of information.

I’m sure your father would love to hear about your visit to the forest, even if it appears to be merely another forest.

We have finally arranged, by the way, for your brother’s marriage. His bride will be arriving in the autumn and we will have a small ceremony welcoming her into the Clan at that time. We will send more details as soon as we have finalized them. We very much hope that he will settle into his married life. You know, I expect, how difficult he has been over the years.

With love,


Iuchi Tzipora's Response to Chaya's Second Letter Home

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