Chaya's Sixth Letter Home

Most honorable of Fathers, Most wonderfulness of Mums, and all the rest of the family,

Greetings from Crab lands! I have been remarkably busy this last while, and have not had time to put ink to paper. But be assured, all of the Sensei have been honored appropriately; I strive to continually do my duty to our ancestors.

Being by the sea is a very different way of living than the plains. You cannot escape the sounds of the gulls, or the scent of salt on the air. It is always cooler, the closer you get to the bay, and as long as you can see above the buildings and walls, you can see the water. And that water! It stretches out father than the biggest plain, not even ending at distant mountains.

Salt-water fish is a bit different from fresh-water fish. Being so on the bay, there are, of course, many, many, many good places to get the freshest of fish. Perhaps Crane may not appreciate the food to be found in a Crab city, but I find it to be excellent, if, on occasion, not as spicy as I would prefer.

Summer Storm is still doing well. I have taught the innkeeper the proper ways of tending to horses, and I am quite certain that other Unicorn may stay here without bringing shame upon their own steeds.

I have attended a fighting exhibition, which was somewhat enjoyable. When I am home, please remind me to tell you of the fighters with absurdly large shows. A monk from Dragon lands, the large one I mentioned before, was also present, and fighting. He was an excellent fighter, as expected. He also asked us to assist him with a task, and now we have had two new additions to our little group; two Emerald Magistrates, Matsu Shinokage and Shosuro Tsuna. I know very little about either of them yet, except that the Scorpion is definitely the communicator of the pair while the Lion is the strong right arm. Oh, and that they both have souls, which the monk also saw as a good thing.

Father, I have seen no more signs of troubling Shadowlands-type activity about me, which is pleasant. There seems to be only the tragedies brought by those who are unwilling to follow the mandates of Heaven and Shinsei, and the familial enemies. I have already written to Sensei Tzofiya on these matters, and I fear that the family and the clan will have much to speak of upon my return. I think the Princess Miya Kei may have uncovered more dangers to the Empire than even she considered when she sent us here. (Although she may be Akodo Kei by now. I am not certain of the exact timing of her marriage ceremony.)

All is well so far. I love you, and miss you, and will have many stories to tell when I return.

With all the daughterly affection in my heart,
Iuchi Chaya

Chaya's Sixth Letter Home

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