Chaya's Seventh Letter Home - Part II

Most honorable of honorable brothers, he who is beloved of the kami and horses alike, he who is as peaceful as the babbling brook in times of peace and as fierce as the raging river in times of battle, he who is a Camellia amongst his peers, he who performs his duty with grace unsurpassed,





Your loving sister,

P.S. – I am running around in sewers and smuggling tunnels, trying to figure out what is up with this weird smuggling operation and have absolutely ruined multiple sets of clothing, the Imperial Heir is coming to the city, and I think my colleagues may have pissed off the governor, but I’m not entirely sure, Lions treat their horses like sedan chairs, not people, and I probably pissed off a ton of Lions by saying so but at least their “horses” got treated well at the end of a ride what was probably not at all fun for them, and the Somewhat Ancient Enemy is definitely here, so don’t tell me I never tell you anything.

Chaya's Seventh Letter Home - Part II

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