The Winds of Time

Session 16

Serpent 16

Knowing where both the gunpowder and the crossbow that was going to be used to detonate the gunpowder were, the party wasted no time in splitting up.

Tsuna, Shinokage, and Fukurokuma took the Lion guards and went to recover the crossbow, while Daredemo, Oharu, and Chaya took the Crabs and went to the explosives. The party traveled together until they got close to the compound, at which point they split.

There were an unusual number of people on the streets for that time of night, and there were also more peasants in the area than is typical.

The Lion/Scorpion party, after a brief hassle getting into the Temple (which had closed for the night) easily found the crossbow. They asked the abbot to lock the temple down, as they suspected that the assassins have a confederate among the monks in the temple.

The rest of the party was shown to the governor’s gardens by the captain of the governor’s guard. In the garden was a new hedge maze designed by the governor herself to entertain the Heir. The shed containing the explosives was in the very center of that maze.

They ended up soaking the explosives with water summoned by Chaya.

At this point, both sub-parties met by the gates to the governor’s mansion to plan. The plan they hatched was to put the crossbow back and let the would-be assassins proceed with their plan. Originally, they were going to let the two drunken idiots go so that they didn’t need to watch for anyone else, but they decided that it would be a bit too obvious if they did it that way.

With the explosives ruined, it means that the assassins will reveal themselves with their attempt, making it easier for the party (and other loyal samurai) to capture and deal with them.

Yarou was stationed on the roof of the temple with orders to hide until AFTER the assassin takes a shot at the shed, at which point he is to capture the assassin alive.

Tsuna, Chaya, and Oharu then took two Lion guards and rode back to the Heir’s vanguard to inform them of what was going on. The same captain that the party had dealt with previously agreed to go along with the party’s plan, and will try to keep the Heir on the opposite side of the shed from the temple, just in case the assassin misses the shed (or targets the Heir directly instead of the shed).

It is now early Serpent 17, and the Heir will be arriving in a few hours.


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