Makoto, Meyo
Jin, Yu, Rei, Gi, and Chugo.
Narrow is the way.

Rokugan’s 9th century is a time of great upheaval and much change. Most notably, the Ki-Rin (now calling themselves “Unicorn”) returned from many centuries of wandering in 816.

It is now 880. There has been no large-scale conflict since the Cran/Lion conflict of fifty years ago and the near-simultaneous Unicorn/Crab alliance against the Dark Moto.

Hantei XXX has ruled over all of Rokugan for the last four years. So far, he is a wise and fair Emperor, with a finely-honed appreciation for beautiful things. His son and presumptive heir, Hantei Hayate, spends a great deal of time at court, watching his father work.

The Crab Champion is Hida Shonojo. He is in many ways a typical Crab – large, loud, brash, crass, and rude. But he has also shown a surprising amount of political acumen. Whether that is his natural ability or the influence of the Yasuki daimyo, Yasuki Aina is unknown. Shonojo spends little time at court, preferring instead to man the Wall with his armies.

The Kakita daimyo, Kakita Toshimichi, has clashed many times with Shonojo’s emissaries at court. He is the youngest major clan family daimyo in all of Rokugan, and there are many rumors and whispers which follow him, not all of them flattering. He is often seen in the company of a young Scorpion Bushi, Bayushi Sashiko.

The Lion Clan Champion, Akodo Katsu, has maintained a significant military presence along their borders with the Phoenix. Rumors of “bandits” rampaging through Phoenix lands are a regular occurrence. And the Lion armies are often seen in pursuit of these bandits. It appears as though Katsu is trying to goad the Phoenix into another conflict.

The Phoenix, for their part, have petitioned the emperor several times at the Lion provocation. Thus far, Asako Kaori’s efforts seem to be in vain, but she has not given up.

Togashi Sanada is the Dragon Champion. Like his fathers before him, he spends the vast majority of his time in quiet meditation deep in the Dragon-held mountains. His clan has followed his lead.

The Unicorn are still struggling to find their place. Ide Ayumu does his best at court, but he is still clearly unfamiliar with “true” Rokugani customs, which has led to occasional clashes with the Crane. At the same time, his naive bluntness has endeared him to the Crab. Several Scorpion courtiers have suggested that this has been an intentional ploy on the part of the Unicorn.

As to the minor clans: The Sparrow clan’s ongoing conflict with the Nezumi has continued to the point where it is becoming an issue for the Crab. The Fox clan is still reeling from the return of the Unicorn and what that means for their identity. The Mantis clan is pursuing several promising new trade routes. The rest of the minor clans are pretty much where they always are – struggling just to get by.