tea set

This beautifully-crafted tea set bears the Asahina family crest.

Mika Kei included a scroll detailing its history.

Before a Battle at Brittle Flower City in the year 437, Asahina Isoshi had tea with Daidoji Rikyu and his staff. The Daidoji were badly outnumbered by the opposing Akodo army.

The next morning, the Lion found Brittle Flower City completely undefended and continued their march towards their final objective – the Osari Plains.

In fact, the Lion marched across the Osari Plains towards Shiro Kosaten without meeting any resistance.

As you well know, the Osari Plains are an extremely important area from a strategic perspective. From there, one can strike deep into the heart of Crane territory and – if you are the Lion – deny the Scorpions access to the Eastern portion of Rokugan without detouring far to the North or South, first.

Akodo Tsetsu was under orders to hold the Osari Plains and wait for Matsu reinforcements. The lack of resistance, however, caused him to see an opportunity for personal glory, and he pressed on.

Tsetsu and his staff made camp in a small forest clearing from which they could see thier end objective – Shiro Kosaten. He composed a quick letter to his superiors and sent a messenger on ahead with news of his great victory.

When that messenger arrived, he had two bundles. One was the letter from Tsetsu, and the other was Tsetsu’s head. The clearing had been a place of concealment for about fifty Daidoji warriors, who waited until the Akodo leadership was asleep and then butchered them. The loss of their leadership threw the army into chaos, making them easy prey for a small Daidoji army. They were routed and the Osari Plains continued to be Crane-held territory.

tea set

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