Iuchi Chaya's Heritage

Mother: Iuchi Tzipora
Tzipora was the oldest child and the oldest daughter in her family, but she was not the family Ishi-ken. Regardless, she became a powerful shugenja in her own right. She is a Horse Lord, and the children of her mare, Storm Winds, are as precious to her as her own children.

Though notably short, Tzipora is considered a beauty amongst her clan, and there were a number of crushes crumbled when she was given to Masahiro. Her sons and youngest daughter have much of her looks.

Though Tzipora is the higher-status half of the pair, she chose to be the one to tend the household, as it was clear that Masahiro was far better suited to teaching than to household tasks. Under Tzipor’s guidance (as well as some good investments in her brother’s caravans), the household has become relatively prosperous.

Tzipor was well-suited to the family’s eccentric upbringing; she loves to laugh, and finds it easy to delight in much of her life. She is well-known for her stubborness determination, but her love of horses has taught her how to bend others to her will, and not to break them.

Father: Iuchi (nee Kuni) Masahiro
Masahiro was always silent and determined. He made up for his difficulties in understanding any Kami save the earth by working harder than any of his fellow students. Swordplay came much easier to him than magic, and very few people were surprised when he was chosen to become a Witch-Hunter.

So soon after the second rise of Iuchiban, there were many maho cults that needed ferreting out, and Masahiro gained a reputation for preparedness and rooting out even the remmanants of cults.

Sadly, his final battle was one he was not prepared for. The maho cult was larger than he had realized, and he was wounded badly before he managed to kill the last of the cultists. He cauterized his own wounds in a fire, and dragged himself towards civilization. He would have died of exposure and exhaustion had not an eta gathering wood found him and carried him home.

Back in Crab lands, Masahiro was a broken man. The healers could do nothing for his limbs, except teach him how to walk on a wooden leg. And with three fingers of his right hand gone, any swordwork or fine scientific work was beyond him.

But every Crab has a role to fill, no matter how cracked. Masahiro’s daimyo came to him with a plan. The Unicorn and the Crab were interested in marriage ties. Masahiro would gain a beautiful, wealthy bride, and he would teach the Unicorn of the Shadowlands. And (of importance to the Kuni) he would be in an excellent position to watch the newest clan for any sign of maho, Taint, or anything else…unsavory.

Masahiro loves his family, but has a very hard time understanding them. He has never quite come to terms with how much emotion they show, and is very overwhelmed when he’s at home. Though the other Unicorn are still far more emotional than he likes, he much prefers his time at school than at home. An indifferent rider at first, he’s found that his wounds don’t matter as much on horseback, and is now excellent at it. He’s learned to throw a spear in his left hand, and the highlights of his time at home are usually those times spent hunting with his wife or children.

Horse: Summer Storm
Summer Storm is Storm Wind’s get. A dark brown mare, she has great endurance. She’s not as fast as some, but she can carry her mistress all day. Summer Storm is well used to meandering though the fields, even when her mistress doesn’t have as strong of a seat as she ought.

Summer Storm was bred for intelligence, and tends to be very skittish and mistrustful of strangers. But Chaya is her mistress, and she is willing to tolerate those that her mistress tolerates. Especially as long as Chaya brings her treats.

Iuchi Chaya's Heritage

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