Dragon's Fang Castle

Dragon’s Fang is an unusual castle, being built as close as it is to a sheer cliff face. In fact, the Dragon-Spine Mountains seem to rear straight out of the earth a short distance to the East.

A short distance to the North and East, a road has been cut into the side of the mountain. It appears to head deeper into the mountains.

Just to the South and East, the Dragon’s Teeth river cuts its way down the cliff, resulting in a spectacular waterfall. While the river itself isn’t a major river, at this point it is wild and deep and bitterly cold with an extremely rapid current. The castle is built right on the river – the river itself protects the castle from attack on that side.

At the northeast corner of the castle (outside the walls), there is a stockade, pasture, and stable. Several Unicorn flags are clear outside the door, indicating that he has hired a proper stablemaster for the winter and your horses will be fine if left here.
A few hundred yards from the fortress itself, there are a number of small guest-houses, where Shohi-en’s guests typically stay at least part of the winter.

The Village of Dragon’s Teeth is a quarter of a mile downstream – you can see the peasants from here, but they are far enough that they will not bother you by their presence. And it’s close enough that they are able to work in the castle as servants – and, from the condition of the castle – it’s clear that they have done so. The village is known for producing some of the finest ashigaru (peasant spearmen) in Rokugan – an unusual accomplishment given the near-pacifistic nature of the Dragon Clan.

The broad open courtyard in the palace features several plots of land that look as though they are gardens in the non-winter months. There is also a flat area of baked clay with a circle clearly marked. Given Shohi-en’s fondness for Sumo, it’s not surprising that he would have set aside space for it here. Just off the central courtyard is a large building which you remember as Shohi-en’s Library. Over the library door is the word, “Study.”

The rest of the fortress is fairly typical. There is a stone garden for meditation, a small shrine to the Fortunes, a small Shintao shrine, a feast hall (which, in times of conflict, probably serves as a war room or barracks), and Shohi-en’s home.

Dragon's Fang Castle

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