The Winds of Time

Session 18
Serpent 18

The party (inlcuding Yarou) was honored in a brief ceremony thanking them for saving the Heir. Realizing that they were to be honored at a formal dinner that evening, the party immediately rushed to find a tailor who could dress them appropriately for the event.

They ended up retaining the services of Asahina Okinakaze, who fussed and hassled and managed to garb the party appropriately. His primary condition was that the party name-drop him at the feast.

After that, the party climbed into a series of palanquins. Yarou insisted on being in the lead palanquin, and the rest of the group’s palanquins followed them. After a short time, the party realized that they were not on the correct route to the governor’s manor. The palanquin bearers claimed that they had been told only to follow the palanquin in front – the lead palanquin was navigating. By the time the party had this figured out, Yarou was too far ahead to easily catch or hail, so the party headed on to the manor on their own.

At the feast, the party managed to avoid embarrassing themselves. They were seated near to the Heir at the top table, across from some Crane courtiers who gossiped among themselves for nearly the entire dinner. They also spent some time casually insulting party members in a very passive-aggressive manner.

Mid-way through dinner, the governor received a message and disappeared. The party heard armed troops moving through the halls and a commotion outside the walls. It soon became clear that something was going on outside.

The party armed themselves (but were not allowed into the manor while armed), and prepared to face whatever it was.

It turned out to be a mob of peasants, who broke the gate open and attacked.

The party dealt with the first wave and helped the guards seal the gate, but there is still a great deal of chaos outside and no-one knows where Yarou is.


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