Shosuro Tsuna


School/Rank: Bayushi Courtier/1
Insight: 112

Honor: 2.5 (5.5 apparent)
Glory: 1
Status: 1

Earth 2
Stamina 2
Willpower 2
Air 2
Reflexes 2
Awareness 4
Fire 2
Agility 3
Intelligence 2
Water 2
Strength 3
Perception 2
Void 2
Skill Name Rank Trait Roll (Emphases) and Mastery Abilities
Calligraphy 1 Int 3k2
Courtier 2 Awa 6k4 (Gossip)
Etiquette 2 Awa 6k4
Investigation 3 Per 5k2 Tn on second searches does not increase
Sincerity 2 Awa 6k4 (Deceit)
Temptation 1 Awa 5k4
Perform: 1 Agi 4k3
Lore: Shadowlands 1 Int 3k2
Kenjutsu 1 Agi 4k3
Kyujutsu 1 Ref 3k2
Insight Rank/Reflexes 3k2
Modifiers None
Armor TN (Ref*5)+5
Reduction 0
Current TN 15
TN Bonus

Total Wounds: 38

Wound Level TN Mod Penalties Total
Healthy None 10
Nicked (+3) 4
Grazed (+5) 4
Hurt (+10) 4
Injured (+15) 4
Crippled (+20) 4
Down (+40) 4
Out 4
Note: Characters must spend Void to act at “Down” and cannot act at “Out”
School Techniques
Technique Name Effect
Weakness is My Strength One free raise per 3 points of Mental/Social disadvantages in contested social rolls
Weakness is My Strength One free raise to Courtier rolls when spreading gossip. Source of gossip is concealed, even without making a raise.
Weapon Attack Roll Damage Roll Bonus Notes
Wakizashi 4k3 4k2
Tanto 3k3 3k1 Unskilled
Han-Kyu 3k2 By Arrow Range 100’
Arrow Type Damage Notes
Armor Piercing 2k1 Ignores TN bonus from armor
Flesh-Cutter 3k3 Double armor TN bonus, Half range
Humming Bulb 1k1 Makes a loud whistling sound
Rope-Cutter 2k1 2 Free Raises for Called Shots against inanimate objects, Half range
Willow Leaf 3k2
(STAx2) + Insight Rank) 5
Modifiers 0
Total 5

Publicly-Known Advantages

Advantage Name Level Cost Notes
Darling of the Court N/A 1 Status +1 in chosen court (Hida Crab)
Perceived Honor 3 6 Honor appears 3 Ranks higher than it actually is
Paragon of Duty N/A 5 May spend 1 Void to negate all TN penalties on a skill roll
Precise Memory N/A 3 +1k1 to rolls when trying to remember something

Publicly-Known Disadvantages

Disadvantage Name Level Cost Notes
Insensitive N/A 3 Must spend a Void point to place self at risk for someone else without immediate benefit

Shosuro Tsuna

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