NPC Collection - Scorpion Clan


Yogo Angai
Yogo Angai is a surprisingly young Scorpion diplomat. Her lands are not too far South of Shohi-en’s lands, and so she attends Shohi-en’s gatherings at least one year out of four. Her subordinates know her for both her physical awkwardness and her extreme punctuality. She also has a habit of zoning out or seeming to not pay enough attention to what is going on around her – which has only served to accent and highlight her physical clumsiness.
Shosuro Fukurokuma attended Shohi-en’s Winter Court as part of her retinue.

Her “mask” is a thin lace that covers the top half of her face.

Tokagure Gojin
Tokagure Gojin is the head of the Scorpion Clan trade embassy in Clear Water Village. He is an elderly man who seems very friendly.

His mask is made of very dark carved wood and surrounds his face. It’s shaped like sunflower petals, and it clacks as he talks (or eats).


NPC Collection - Scorpion Clan

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