Suzume Oharu


School/Rank: Suzume Bushi 1
Insight: 140

Honor: 6.7
Glory: 1
Status: 2

Earth 2
Stamina 2
Willpower 3
Air 3
Reflexes 3
Awareness 3
Fire 2
Agility 2
Intelligence 2
Water 3
Strength 3
Perception 3
Void 2
Skill Name Rank Trait Roll (Emphases) and Mastery Abilities
Kenjutsu 3 Agi 5k2 (Katana) +1k0 damage
Calligraphy 1 Int 3k2 (Cipher)
Courtier 2 Awa 4k3 (Gossip)
Lore (History) 1 Int 3k2
Lore (Omens) 1 Int 3k2
Lore (Theology) 1 Int 3k2
Perform (Storytelling) 2 Awa 4k3
Defense 2 Ref 5k3
Investigation 2 Per 5k3 (Notice)
Kyujutsu 2 Ref 5k3 (Yumi)
Sincerity 1 Awa 4k3 (Honesty)
Tea Ceremony 1 Void 3k2
Etiquette 1 Awa 4k3 (Conversation)
Insight Rank/Reflexes 4k3
Modifiers None
Armor TN (Ref*5)+5
Reduction 3
Base TN 20
Current TN 25
Armor Light
TN Bonus 5
Reduction 3

Total Wounds: 38

Wound Level TN Mod Penalties Total
Healthy None 10
Nicked (+3) 4
Grazed (+5) 4
Hurt (+10) 4
Injured (+15) 4
Crippled (+20) 4
Down (+40) 4
Out 4
Note: Characters must spend Void to act at “Down” and cannot act at “Out”
School Techniques
Technique Name Effect
All Things In Time Reduce initiative by 5 to gain +1k0 to attack and damage for the Round
Melee Weapon Attack Roll Damage Roll Bonus Notes
Katana 5k2 7k2 Damage includes +1k0 from Mastery
Wakizashi 5k2 6k2 Same as Katana notes
Yumi 4k3 see Arrows None None
Armor Piercing 4k3 4k1 Ignores Armor TN bonus from armor None
Flesh Cutter 4k3 5k3 Double Armor TN bonus, 1/2 normal range None
Humming Bulb 4k3 3k1 Makes loud whistling sound None
Rope Cutter 4k3 4k1 2 Free Raises for Called Shots against inanimate objects, 1/2 range None
Willow Leaf 4k3 5k2 None None
(STAx2) + Insight Rank) 5
Modifiers 0
Total 5

Publicly-Known Advantages

Advantage Name Level Cost Notes
Wealthy 2 2
Precise Memory N/A 3
Ally (Miya Kei) N/A 5 Power 4, Devotion 1

Suzume Oharu

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