NPC Collection - Unaligned, Minor Clans, and Ronin


Goso is a caravan-master in the employ of the Ide. He himself is Ronin, but he has apparently shown himself to be trustworthy as they have given him authority over one of their Southern routes into Otosan Uchi.

Suzume Sakan
Suzume Oharu‘s younger cousin, he oversees one of the Sparrow Clan’s larger tea plantations.

Shiyonin (Not Samurai Caste)
Shiyonin is an elderly woman who runs a small inn on the outskirts of Clear Water Village. One word that would describe her well is “Fearful.”

Sagishi is a very fat man who sold the party a fine-looking Crane-manufactured tea set at a remarkably low price in Clear Water Village.

Street Rat
Risu is a fourteen-year-old girl who was hired by persons unknown to stalk the party through Clear Water Village. She has an extremely high-pitched nasal voice, addresses the party members as “samurai” and refers to herself in the third person. She is also proud of still having all ten of her fingers.

Itachi “runs this down” and “owns this town,” according to several reliable sources.

Yakuza Boss
Araku is one of the Yakuza bosses in Clear Water Village. While he answers to Itachi, he doesn’t seem particularly enthusiastic about doing so. Whether that’s because he wants to take power over the local underworld for himself or because he feels that there is something wrong with Itachi is unclear.


NPC Collection - Unaligned, Minor Clans, and Ronin

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