NPC Collection - Lion Clan


Akodo Yarou
His name means “asshole,” and he is doing his best to live up to it. So far, however, he has been able to back up his swagger. He enjoys long walks on the beach iajutsu and shogi, and his natural talents are apparently enough that he was selected to accompany Miya Kei as part of her retinue. Yarou considers himself the Kami’s gift to women and has never failed to win the attentions of his targets. Yarou is a sore loser with a short fuse.

Kitsu Joshi
Courtier (Bard)
Another Lion-clan member of Miya Kei’s retinue, Joshi is in many ways not very Lion-like. He is quiet, he is polite, and he is thoughtful. He attended the Ikoma Bard school, and enjoys long walks on the beach shogi a great deal, and is often seen playing against Yarou.


NPC Collection - Lion Clan

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