NPC Collection - Crab Clan


Hida Nagori
The sole Crab in attendance at Shohi-en’s Winter Court, Nagori was like a fish out of water. He is skilled with his tetsubo and his calligraphic brush, but is uncomfortable being the center of attention even in a one-on-one situation. He is a bit rough and unpolished, but it’s not for lack of effort. Nagori tries to be polite and well-mannered, and is likely to remain silent rather than accidentally say something to offend.

Yasuki Daiki
A Crab clan merchant who seems to be making money almost out of thin air. It’s very unclear how he is able to turn a profit given the price he charges for his products – many of which are identical (or nearly so) to the same goods being offered by Mantis or Crane clan merchants in the same city.

Kuni Tatsuko
Crab Clan Bushi / Governor of Clear Water Village


NPC Collection - Crab Clan

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