Iuchi Chaya

A rather plain girl, short and muscular. Her skin is dark, her nose wide and flat. her only glory is her hair, a thick, lush black waterfall that flows heavily down her back. No great beauty. Unless she smiles.


School/Rank: Iuchi Shugenja/1
Insight: 131

Honor: 5.5

Earth 2
Stamina 2
Willpower 3
Air 2
Reflexes 2
Awareness 2
Fire 2
Agility 2
Intelligence 3
Water 2
Strength 2
Perception 3
Void 3
Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities
Battle 1 Per 4k3 None
Calligraphy 2 Int 5k3 Cipher
Defense 1 Ref 3k2 None
Etiquette 1 Awa 3k2 None
Horsemanship 3 Agi 5k2 May use Full Attack on horseback
Hunting 1 Per 4k3 Survival
Investigation 1 Per 4k3 None
Kyujutsu 2 Ref 4k2 None
Lore:Theology 3 Int 6k3 None
Lore:Ghosts 1 Int 4k3 None
Lore: The Lying Darkness 2 Int 5k3 None
Meditation 3 Void 6k3 Successful Roll: +2 Void
Spellcraft 3 Int 6k3 None
Insight Rank/Reflexes 3k2
Modifiers None
Armor TN (Ref*5)+5
Current TN 15
TN Bonus

Total Wounds: 38

Wound Level TN Mod Penalties Total
Healthy None 10
Nicked (+3) 4
Grazed (+5) 4
Hurt (+10) 4
Injured (+15) 4
Crippled (+20) 4
Down (+40) 4
Out 4
Note: Characters must spend Void to act at “Down” and cannot act at “Out”
School Techniques
Technique Name Effect
Spirit of the Wind Sacrifice one spell slot to grant target a Simple Move Action
Spirit of the Wind Free raise on “Travel” spells
Weapon Attack Roll Damage Roll Bonus Notes
Wakizashi 2k2 4k2 Unskilled
Han-kyu 4k2 see Arrows None None
Armor Piercing 4k2 4k1 Ignores Armor TN bonus from armor None
Flesh Cutter 4k2 5k3 Double Armor TN bonus, 1/2 normal range None
Humming Bulb 4k2 3k1 Makes loud whistling sound None
Rope Cutter 4k2 4k1 2 Free Raises for Called Shots against inanimate objects, 1/2 rage None
Willow Leaf 4k2 5k2 None None


Name Element Mastery Level Area Range Duration Damage Notes
Sense All 1 50’ Radius Personal Instantaneous None Basic
Commune All 1 Self 20’ Concentration None Basic
Summon All 1 1 cu ft 30’ Permanent None Basic
Command All 1 1 cu ft 30’ Permanent N/A Imperial Histories 2, p.53
Jade Strike Earth 1 One target 100’ Instantaneous 3k3 if target is Tainted Core, p. 174
Path to Inner Peace Water 1 One target Touch Instantaneous Heals number of Wounds equal to the amount by which the spell casting roll exceeded the spell’s TN Core, p. 187
Speed of the Waterfall Water 1 One Target Touch 1 Hour None Core, p. 188
The Swell of the Storm Water 1 One Target 25’ Instantaneous None The Book of Water, p. 180
Boundless Sight Void 1 Self 50 miles 4 rounds None Core, p. 193
Flow Through the Void Void 1 Up to 1 ft3 of elemental material Touch Permanent None Core, p. 193

Spell Casting and Slots Per Day

Element Slots Roll
Air 2 4k2
Earth 2 3k2
Fire 2 2k2
Water 2 3k2
Void 2 3k2

TN for Spells is (Mastery Level x5) + 5
Time to cast Spells is Mastery Level in Rounds unless using Importune, see Core p. 166

(STAx2) + Insight Rank) 5
Modifiers 0
Total 5

Publicly-Known Advantages

Advantage Name Level Cost Notes
Ishiken-Do N/A 8 Allows Void Spells
Wealthy 3 2 Discount for Unicorn
Ally 2 2 Hida Nagori

Publicly-Known Disadvantages

Disadvantage Name Level Cost Notes
Gaijin Name N/A 2
Compulsion 2 3 Prefers being outdoors

Iuchi Chaya

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