The Winds of Time

Session Two

The Sixth through the Eighth Days of the Month of the Tiger, 879

The unicorn dinner went well. No-one in the party embarrassed or shamed themselves or otherwise caused problems during the meal. Mirumoto Daredemo did notice Akodo Yarou staring at Suzume Oharu throughout the meal.

After the meal, Yarou approched Togashi Tedibea and asked where he could go to have his “sword polished.” Tedibea didn’t know the answer, but Daredemo did (not in the nearby town).

When the party made it back to their rooms, there were notes for them, asking them to meet Shohi-en in the storage room.

When they did, Shohi-en told them that guests were due, but that he couldn’t tell them anything more without permission.

The next few days were spent variously in training or study, depending on the character in question. Kitsu Joshi brought a note to Oharu, informing her that Miya Kei wished to apologize for turning her out of her rooms by inviting her for tea “sometime in the Spring.”

Iuchi Chaya went for a ride with Hida Nagori, and encountered a trail melted in the snow leading towards the castle. Upon investigation, she found an enormous man with two companions. After a brief discussion, she realized that these were likely Togashi Tattooed Monks.

They were, in fact, Togashi monks, and they were also the additional guests that Shohi-en had been expecting.

The party convened in the storage room once again, where they learned … something about Nothing. They think. Only the large man spoke, and he appeared to have only a tenuous grasp on reality. His two handlers remained silent.

When asked how they could help, the party was told to “Fight the good fight. Live your lives. Be good, be just, be heroes.”

They were told that they would be called on. “Maybe not this year. Maybe not next. But the day will come.”

Tomorrow is the first day of the Iajutsu Tournament.


Nothing comes from nothing
The name is known for all
The voice of the Void echoes through the vastness of eternity.
The tears of the lady show the path
And righteousness lights the way
She sleeps in the desert and dreams of the sun.

Session Two
Gamethyme Gamethyme

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