The Winds of Time

Session Three

The Ninth through the Eleventh days of the Tiger, 879

This session focused heavily on the Iaijutsu tournament. There were three divisions – Juniors, Intermediate, and Master. Two player characters participated – Mirumoto Daredemo and Shosuro Fukurokuma.

In the first round (on the ninth), Fukurokuma defeated Mirumoto Fujiki, and Daredemo defeated Bayushi Tsudao. Meanwhile, Hida Nagori sat behind Suzume Oharu and Iuchi Chaya, and Miya Kei sat next to Oharu and made small talk.

That night at dinner, Akodo Yarou continued to stare at Oharu, and was distracted enough to lose his shogi game against Kitsu Joshi. That night, Iuchi Chaya began discussing Yarou with the other single Unicorn women, leading to a great deal of laughter which continued through the rest of the week.

On the tenth, the second round of the tournament commenced. Miya Kei did not make an appearance this day, later claiming illness.

Fukurokuma defeated Shiba Teruo after both missed their iaijutsu strikes, taking the match to a straight-up sword battle. This was the sloppiest duel of the tournament.

Daredemo defeatred Shinjo Tanitsu with a “perfect strike,” just barely penetrating his opponent’s armor. Three of the four Masters division matches ended without a sword being drawn when one competitor or another recognized the superior ability of their opponent after the Assessment phase.

That evening at dinner, Miya Kei appeared briefly and ate sparingly. After dinner, Chaya wrote a letter to Shohi-en, requesting permission to examine the writings of Togashi, which had been stashed in the caves behind the rare books room for safekeeping.

On the eleventh, the tournament finals were held. Daredemo defeated Mirumoto Enko, who very crudely refuted his advances. Akodo Yarou, seeming very off his game, fell to Fukurokuma in the biggest upset of the tournament. This left Fukurokuma vs Daredemo for the finals.

Daredemo defeated Fukurokuma and was awarded with a tea set, provided by the princess. The intermediate division winner received an Asahina-crafted wakizashi, and the Masters division received an Asahina-crafted katana.

Chaya received permission from Shohi-en to examine the writings of Togashi.

There are no scheduled events for the next three days. The fifteenth is the Lion Festival of the Kami.

System Note: I confirmed this morning that in 4e, you cannot uses Raises to ignore armor.


Every action, every reaction, ripples through the rose
The world rises and falls within its rivers and streams
The warp and weft of the weave ties the wretch to the world and back again.
What is past is prologue
But perhaps not that
What is done cannot be denied, not to the smallest dram.

(It’s a bit more flowery and metaphorical than most travel poetry. Clearly, the Dragon must be to blame.)

Session Three
Gamethyme Gamethyme

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