The Winds of Time

Session Six

Hare 22-24, 880

The party arrived in Otosan Uchi in the early evening, and quickly headed to the Temple district to meet with Miya Tsugen at the Temple of Doji.

They arrived just as the temple was closing its gate for the evening. The acolyte there was friendly, and informed them that Tsugen had passed unexpectedly after growing suddenly ill while visiting some of the orphans whom he regularly fed.

When they introduced themselves, the acolyte ran to see if there was a package or a letter that had been left. There was, and it contained letters of passage into the inner city for the next day.

The party then found an inn belonging to Ide Hikaru, who charged what seemed like a fair price for the evening (and part of the next day).

The party left early, hoping to scope out the Falling Leaves teahouse before meeting the woman. They were initially barred entrance to the inner city because they were still armed.

They were directed to a sword-polisher, Etsuko, who negotiated a fair price for polishing and re-binding the party’s swords. Etsuko also identified Daredemo’s weapon as being a Kaiso blade.

Eventually heading to the meeting, they encountered Joshi and Yarou, who were working as advance security for Miya Kei.

When Kei arrived, she performed the tea ceremony for the party (poorly), and let them know that she was due to marry Akodo Hachiro.

Then a simple dinner was served – rice and miso soup and yakisoba. Joshi set out a plate for Chaya’s ancestor who he could (apparently) see.

After the first course of dinner and small talk, Kei asked the party to investigate Yasuki Daiki, a Crab Clan merchant who is disrupting Crane Clan merchants in Clear Water City. He does this by selling the same goods at a lower price. In many cases, his prices are lower than what the Crane merchants are spending on the products.

He also seems to be unaffected by the bandits in the area who are raiding caravans (especially Crane caravans).

The party is tasked with investigating Daiki and discovering how he is able to do all of this, and determine whether he is breaking the law or not.

As to timeline, Kei requested that the party report back by mid-summer.

After the first course, Chaya excused herself and headed into the kitchen to talk with Joshi for a bit. Joshi expressed concern for Chaya’s safety.

After this, the party split up. Fukorokuma went to the Temple of Akodo to play Go, where he went winless. Daredemo went to the Temple of Togashi to meditate. Chaya and Oharu went shopping for tea and then hired the party on as guards for an Ide caravan which is headed towards Clear Water Village.

The caravan leaves in two days.


Journeys commence in the middle of the road
As your birth is in your mother’s life.
The hooves of the horses sound and resound in the heat as they trot in the day.
At my back, those I know, those I love, those I honor and obey.
In my eyes, those I seek, those I love, those I serve.
So why the $^$$%* do you ride like a sack of onions?

(Yes, the last line needs better alliteration, but it fits so well as it is…)

Session Six

Crab competition
Disrupts the Empire’s order
We will restore it

Session Six
Gamethyme Gamethyme

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