The Winds of Time

Session 17

Serpent 17

We begin where we left off – Iuchi Chaya, Suzume Oharu, and Shosuro Tsuna were informing the Imperial Guard of the situation.

Tsuna opted to ride back with the guard while Chaya and Oharu rode on ahead.

Meanwhile, Matsu Shinokage and Mirumoto Daredemo decided to blend in to the (large) crowd to wait for the arrival of the Heir so that they could be close if something happened.

Shosuro Fukurokuma opted to conceal himself on the rooftop where Akodo Yarou was hiding (and the would-be assassin was expected to strike from).

The city guard opted to treat Chaya and Oharu’s return as a signal that the Heir was close and began clearing the streets for the arrival of the Heir.

Meanwhile, one of the peasants in the crowd asked Daredemo if he knew what to do when they saw the signal, because he had forgotten. Daredemo played dumb.

An hour later, the Heir arrived. The governor greeted him at the gate to her estate, and gave a speech thanking nearly everyone and everything for his safe journey. Then they proceeded to the front door of the estate itself, where the governor ceremonially handed her sword to the Heir, indicating that it was his home and not hers for the duration of his stay. And then they served breakfast.

Tsuna’s Rank was high enough that she (and her entourage – Chaya and Oharu) was seated closer to the front of the room than they would otherwise have been seated. As a result, they were at a table with a Crane courtier and a couple of Crab courtiers. Over the course of the meal, Tsuna was able to effectively cut the Crane down a few notches – and learned that the real reason for the Heir’s visit was an audit.

Tax money from the city had increased dramatically with no apparent cause, and so many of the courtiers with whom the Heir was travelling were there to examine the books and determine why this city had suddenly become significantly more profitable for the Empire, with an eye towards seeing if a similar plan could be enacted in other cities.

The day was filled with ceremony, and the crowd in the street stayed put all day and into the night. Fukurokuma spent his day suspended from a rope harness, waiting for something to happen.

That night after dinner, the governor invited the Heir to enjoy a hedge maze that she had constructed especially for his visit. At the center of the maze was a small courtyard (which contained the shed with the gunpowder).

As they approached the maze, the door to the roof of the monastery opened, and the assassin began readying his tools. At this point, Fukurokuma lifted himself onto the roof and began to ready himself for action.

Eventually, the Heir made it to the center of the maze. He quickly made his way to a bench that was very near the shed, and the governor joined him on the bench. A moment later, the assassin took his shot – and it was a perfect shot, right into one of the gunpowder kegs.

At this, Yarou charged. The assassin thought quickly enough and hurled burning liquid at Yarou, who stumbled, leaving Fukurokuma to bring the assassin down.

Fukurokuma then yielded the assassin to Yarou, who paraded him to the governor’s mansion (where Yarou was denied admittance, but they took the prisoner). Fukurokuma then questioned the assassin and learned that he was a regular hitter for Araku. This was the highest-value target he’d been hired to deal with.

On learning this, the party decided to interrogate the two henchmen of Araku’s that they had previously imprisoned in Itachi’s secret prison in the sewers. They learned that Araku had skipped town and not left forwarding information.

This whole thing was an attempt by Araku to take out the Governor because he believed that the governor was in league with Itachi. Araku didn’t like paying the “Itachi Tax” – the share of his earnings that Itachi was taking from every mob boss in town. The two henchmen in the prison had shifted the timing and twisted the plan to attempt to remove the Heir in addition to removing the governor from the picture.

The henchmen explained that they were now the party’s only link to Araku, because Araku didn’t relinquish control of his mob. He would likely be sending a message to them with instructions on how to run the town on his behalf, until he felt it was safe to sneak back into town and reclaim his position.


Peasant assassin
Trying to use the crossbow
Oh how he fumbles…

Session 17
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