The Winds of Time

Session 12

Serpent 14

The party opted to start the evening by exploring through the secret door. Behind that door was a narrow hallway with five doors on either side that were bolted from this side and a door at the end of the hallways that didn’t have a visible bolt (and so was probably bolted on the other side).

Upon opening the first room, they found Tsuna, who had been in there for several weeks. Her only human contact had been when food had been delivered. Food delivery was heralded by a tapping noise, then a door opened, and then there was a tapping until food was slid through a slot in the door.

The second room contained a massive pile of porridge and bowls – and a long-dead corpse.

The third room contained Shinokage. His story matched Tsuna’s: They are Imperial Magistrates investigating corruption in Crab lands. Two weeks ago, they were taken by surprise and woke up here.

With one exception, the rest of the rooms were either empty or contained corpses. That one exception contained a hodge-podge of gear, including Tsuna and Shinokage’s equipment. Chaya recovered a bow and some arrows that looked servicable from this room.

At this point, the party put the two captives from the tunnels into one of the cells and closed it before continuing.

In a stunning display of both strength and rage, Shinokage broke open the door at the end of the hallway, revealing a short hallway with some stairs leading up. Up those stairs, the party found themselves in what appeared to be the city sewers. There were ladders every 30-40 feet leading up to what is (presumably) street level.

After a brief discussion, they decided to head back down and explore the tunnels some more. They headed through the (previously-guarded) door and found themselves on a cliff face with a 5’-6’ wide path carved into it. The path was filled with switchbacks and led downward towards the sound of water.

Rounding one last switchback, they found a guard post with torches between them and the guard post. The placement of the torches meant that in the pitch-blackness of the cavern it was difficult to see what was on the other side.

It meant the party couldn’t see the guard post clearly, either. Without pausing to attempt parlay, the party chose to go on the offensive. Oharu fired an arrow into the post and was rewarded with a gurgling and a thud (OOC Note: Made the to-hit by one, rolled disgusting amounts of damage). Shinokage, Daredemo, and Fukurokuma approached cautiously to about the half-way point before charging. Shinokage arrived first at the post, and speared the remaining guard – not to a lethal degree, but enough that he wasn’t going to be much of a fight.

After that, Fukurokuma and Tsuna interrogated the guard, where the learned:

  • Beyond the guardhouse is a small dock and a couple of huts.
  • The cave is only accessible from the outside at high tide.
  • It has been several days since there have been any boats here.
  • All of the guards are new at this, having been hired by Itachi within the last few weeks.
  • Cargo comes in here, and then is hauled up the cliff face by hand, where it sits in the warehouse.

Following this stunning lack of actual revelation, the party headed back up to the warehouse room, where they opened a few crates. The crates were marked in a variety of languages, but no-one in the party recognized any non-Rokugani languages. Finally, they opened three crates. They recovered a tea set (which was very similar to the one Oharu and Chaya had purchased previously), an ingot of iron, and one of the sideways bows that the guards had been shooting at the party with. The bow lacked a string, however.

Finally, they decided to leave the complex, only to find that the trap door they had originally used to come down was still apparently blocked, so they headed back to the prison cells where they interrogated the prisoners for a few minutes and learned that those guards, too, were new at this.

They were mid-interrogation when the party heard a tapping noise coming from the stairs that led to the sewers.


Thanks for the added info! So my haiku haha:

Magistrates in cells
Point and shoot at wooden doors
Cave guard temp work sucks

Session 12

by a humble artisan
sometimes does not work

Session 12
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