The Winds of Time

Session 11

Serpent 13-14

The party started its day by splitting up.

Daredemo went and followed Risu (who still has all ten fingers) to meet with her boss Araku. Araku offered Daredemo sake and invited him to the fights that night.

Oharu spent the afternoon in her room, as she was unwilling to go out without her bodyguard.

Fukurokuma had tea with the Scorpions.

Chaya caught up with Goso’s caravan and gave them some letters to deliver.

That evening, the party headed to the fights, which were in a seedy portion of the Warehouse district. They were seated in the box seats overlooking the fight. Araku was already seated and waiting when they arrived, and he provided running commentary throughout the fights themselves.

Most of the fights were traditional sumai, with a handful of weapons demonstrations. The most interesting of those involved two gaijin in Mantis colors, who provided a fencing demonstration.

The Main Event was The Big Guy – an ise zumi that Chaya had previously encountered during the winter at Shohi-en’s – versus Itachi’s champion. The fight lasted only seconds, as the Big Guy turned Itachi’s champion’s force against him, resulting in a near-instantaneous knockout.

Araku indicated to the party the The Big Guy had arrived just yesterday and refused to take no for an answer when it came to joining the fights. The Big Guy was also responsible for the party’s attendance at the fights.

At about this time, word came down that the authorities had located the fights and were moving in and the crowd started to disperse.

The Big Guy caught the attention of the party and indicated that he desired their presence. He explained that there were smuggling tunnels running beneath the city with an entrance in this very warehouse, and he wished to have the tunnel cleared. “I will watch this door so you will not be surprised from behind,” he told them, “But I cannot go into the tunnels.”

The party entered the tunnels, and shortly encountered a couple of buffoons guards in front of a sealed door. They attempted to bluff their way past and were almost successful. One of the guards went back into the tunnels to see if he could get authorization to let the party through. The other guard died very shortly thereafter.

The party passed through the door and found another tunnel with another door at the end. Crossbows were fired from that other doorway (both missed), and the party charged.

The party killed a couple of guards and took a few others hostage. Fukurokuma interrogated two of them. Meanwhile, Chaya (who had climbed on top of the crates during the fighting) spotted a hidden door to this underground warehouse.

The two hostage guards were effectively useless, with no information other than that cargo flowed both into and out of this underground warehouse. While interrogating them, Fukurokuma made adjustments to one of his bonsai-in-progress, and was very pleased with the changes made.


Borer kills the birch.
Soulless walk in the city.
Fire is not enough.

Session 11
Gamethyme Gamethyme

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