The Winds of Time

Interlude - Winter's End

Hare 2-7, 880

Players: Note that there are character-specific information below that is not identical to the information everyone else is getting.

As people are packing up for their various trips home, Shohi-En makes the rounds, spending a bit of time with each of the various cliques that have formed here this winter. As part of his rounds, he has small gifts and trinkets for every member of every party – not just the higher ranks.

He makes it clear to all that they are welcome to call upon his hospitality at any time. “Once a guest of Shohi-en,” he informs you, “you are always welcome in the home of Shohi-en.”

The Princess and her party are the first to leave, followed by the Unicorns, and then the Scorpions, and, finally, the other Dragons who are present.


Gamethyme Gamethyme

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